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Shangventure 101: The City, The Food, and The People

Shanghai oh Shanghai! 
Sejujurnya tidak pernah terlintas di benak saya untuk kembali ke China setelah kunjungan saya yang pertama kalinya 11 tahun lalu dimana waktu itu dalam rangka traveling bersama keluarga dengan rute Hongkong - Shenzhen - Macau .. and honestly I didn't really have a good impression about this country, and been dealing with some people from there for the past 8 years became another reason of my hesitation when this offer came. No hard feeling or meant to be stereotyping but ya begitulah!! ... Like I said earlier, I was a bit hesitant, .. but at the same time curious as well. Another opportunity to see different part of the world, and it's Shanghai anyway; the country's biggest city!!! Another factor, thanks to Kevin Kwan's rich series, especially China Rich Girlfriends that take setting on this place! Heh?! Emang loe siapa?! Collette Bing?!! HOHOHO ... Anyway, sok lah atuh kita cus berangkat! Semboyan saya, que sera, sera! Whatever will be, will be…

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